Bed Bug Control

There isn’t anybody who is fine with having bed bugs in their bed. As you may know, Roseville bed bugs are becoming an issue in the area. If you believe that you have bed bugs in your home you should give us a call today at 916-794-0536.

bed bug control roseville
Call us immediately if you suspect bed bugs in your home or business.

Unlike other insects, you really cannot just overlook bed bugs. After bed bugs are in your home, they won’t simply go away until a Roseville bed bug control expert gets rid of them.

Bed bugs feed on you, typically while you are sleeping. Bed bugs will penetrate a person’s skin with a stylet. The bed bugs can then proceed with cutting your tissue so they can feed on your blood vessels. Bed bugs usually feed on blood for several minutes and then return to their hiding place.

Controlling Bed Bugs Roseville

It’s unlikely that you will find the actual bed bugs. Bed bugs are very good at staying hidden. Bed bugs usually hide in the crevices of a bed. If you happen to discover what appear to be blood spots on your bed sheets, then you probably have bed bugs. An additional indication of bed bugs is if you wake up covered in small bites or scratching.

If you believe that you’ve got a bed bug problem, then you shouldn’t continue to sleep in your house. Luckily, our Roseville pest control experts are here to answer your bed bug questions! Give us a call right now at 916-794-0536 to get a hassle-free quote and set up your consultation!